Watch Dr. Drew try to get single mom Bristol Palin to discuss, on his HLN show Thursday night, whether she was raped when, at age 17, she had sex for the first time, after drinking with the man who would later father her son.

Bristol tries to go with “so stupid.”

That might have gone over on, say, “The Talk.” But Bristol was tangling with Dr. Drew. And this was HLN:

“In California,” Dr. Drew says, 17+drunk+sex – “That would be rape. … Is it the same in Alaska? … Did it feel like a rape?”

“I’m not accusing Levi of rape or anything like that. Obviously it was consensual because I stayed with him for years on end after that,” Bristol says.

“No, remember, what kids do, is they try to make it right, by justifying what happened, by sticking together,” Doc D insists.

“Yes,” Bristol says, limply.