Sarah Palin’s ‘True Hollywood Story’ airs tonight. (Kevork Djansezian/GETTY IMAGES)

1) Yes, Sarah Palin qualifies as “Hollywood,” according to E!, owned by Comcast, which now also owns NBC Universal .Presumably that’s because Silver Spring-based TLC network did a “reality” series about her, which was produced by uber-reality producer Mark Burnett, who also does CBS’s “Survivor” and NBC’s soon-to-debut singing competition “The Voice.”

And don’t forget, Palin could be seen many weeks in the Hollywood studio audience of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” this past fall: Her eldest daughter, Bristol, was among the competitors and wound up finishing in third place.

2) Yes, E! originally announced the Sarah Palin tell-all was going to air this Sunday. At some point, the network changed its mind. Obviously.

And speaking of TLC reality series, the network sent the TV Column an email reminding us that tonight, while E! is showing its piece on Sarah Palin, it is going to offer a "fascinating, all-new special" called "Ultimate Cleaners" which, TLC says, answers your burning question, "Who cleans up a hoarder's house?"

At least, TLC is hoping it's your burning question -- because "fascinating, all-new special" is TLC-speak for "series pilot."  TLC already has enjoyed ratings success tapping into your closet fascination with hoarding. That would be its series  "Hoarding: Buried Alive," which is now in the second half of its second season on the network.

And, you know how TLC likes to take a winning idea and run with it.  Remember when TLC did realized you have this other fascination, with people who have lots of kids? That one was a goldmine for the network, resulting in: "Jon & Kate Plus 8," "19 Kids and Counting," "Quints by Surprise," "Table for 12,"  and the short-lived "Sextuplets Take New York."

Here’s a look at what E! and TLC have planned for 10 p.m. tonight: