Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock. (John Filo/CBS)

“Elementary,” CBS’s procedural-crime-drama take on Sherlock Holmes, has won the lottery, snagging the coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot.

CBS announced Monday it would air an episode of the freshman drama series, in which Jonny Lee Miller plays Holmes, and Lucy Liu plays Dr. Watson, on Sunday, Feb. 3, after Super Bowl XLVII post-game coverage.

The post-Super Bowl timeslot is considered the best in the TV firmament, what with the Super Bowl driving around 100 million viewers into timeslot. An estimated 111.3 million people watched last year’s game — after which around 38 million people stuck around for NBC’s singing competition “The Voice” — which is now mopping the floor with Fox’s singing competition “The X Factor,” and catapulting NBC to first place in the ratings for the season to date.

“Elementary” is averaging around 14 million viewers this season, which, while far short of 38 million, nonetheless makes it the No. 2 new series on TV.

In CBS’s take on the much-loved franchise, Sherlock has just wrapped a “fall from grace in London” with a stint in rehab, and Daddums has shipped him off to Manhattan, and hired him a sobriety coach — former surgeon Dr. Watson.

Jonny Lee Miller (left) stars as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu (right) stars as Watson. (Nino Muñoz/CBS)