(UPDATE 9:30 a.m.: Go here for nominees and instant reactions.)

TV Academy headquarters in North Hollywood is more crowded than usual on Emmy nominations morning. The breakfast buffet is also a lot more lavish than in years past. The theater is packed with camera crews for various celebrity suck-up shows and ambitious young assistants now fully caffeinated. And on-air talent are rehearsing their bright-eyed openings they’ll use once the Emmy nominations unveiling ceremony wraps about four minutes after it starts.

The podium where “Scandal” star Kerry Washington and last-minute fill-in Jimmy Kimmel, who’s also hosting this year’s trophy show, will stand, is flanked by two gigantic Emmys and at far left and right of the stage, two even bigger statuettes.

(You can watch a livestream of the announcements right here:)

Minutes before the announcement starts, a TV Academy suit comes out on stage to make sure everybody knows that Emmy host and “all around good guy” Jimmy Kimmel agreed at the last minute to “get up with the chickens and help us this morning” because Nick Offerman had to bail on plans to read the nominees due to weather issues Wednesday on the East Coast — enthusiastic applause from the eager young industry assistants filling the theater.

He also warns the crowd not to rush the stage to get at Washington or Kimmel, but instructs that when the two stars read names of nominees, they were hoping the audience would provide big reax. “Don’t be afraid to yell, scream out, boo — we like you guys to be as involved as possible.”


Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel steps in to announce nominees

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