Ryan Seacrest on "Today" (NBC)

The Couric-hosted “Good Morning America” attracted an average of just fewer than 5 million viewers — the show’s biggest audience in four weeks. But the size of “Today’s” crowd went up more: Only 119,000 viewers separated the NBC show and ABC’s trailing “GMA” the previous week.

On the other hand, even the 187,000-viewer gap is a whole lot better for “GMA” than a year ago, when nearly 600,000 viewers separated the two shows.

As previously reported, Katie beat Matt on Wednesday. Truth be told, that had a whole lot more to do with that being the day “GMA” always interviews the person tossed from ABC’s hit competition series “Dancing With the Stars” than with Katie. But a win’s a win.

Katie also finished within what some might call the “Nielsen margin of error” on Friday, when only 15,000 people separated the two shows.

That’s the morning that Matt announced he’d signed his new, multi-year, $30-mil-a-year-ish, four-day-workweek contract to remain “Today’s” anchor-in-chief. Actually, he himself didn’t divulge those details — he just said he’s sticking around.

Meanwhile, over at “GMA,” they had an interview with the parents of Lauren Scruggs, the model-turned-fashion blogger who lost a hand and an eye when she accidentally walked into the still-moving propeller of a plane.