Just one of Fox’s series that will soon be paired with a show based on “Hamlet.” (AP)

The new drama series is about a presidential hopeful who dies in a car wreck and whose son — described on the scoop-getting Web site Deadline as a “renegade JFK Jr. type” (whatever that means) — discovers that dad’s death was no accident, launching his own campaign to avenge the murder.

No word on whether an evil uncle marries mom and takes over dead dad’s campaign, or what Fox intends to do about Ophelia, though it’s probably safe to bet it won’t be pretty.

The pilot script is the work of Paul Redford, who spent five seasons on Aaron Sorkin’s fantasy White House drama “The West Wing” and, more recently, worked on the first season of Sorkin’s fantasy TV newsroom drama “The Newsroom.”

Redford also did time on ABC’s short-lived “Dirty Sexy Money.” That show was about an idealistic young lawyer who gets sucked into the lives of a nasty super-rich family when his dad, who had been the rich family’s lawyer, dies in a plane crash and Junior discovers that it was no accident and sets about trying to figure out who committed dad’s murder.

Wait a minute!