Cable news networks are still recovering from the shock of hearing that Whitney Houston’s family put the kibosh on any plans to host a public memorial for the singer, and that Houston’s funeral would be private.  Wednesday, Houston’s publicist announced TV networks would have to carry an Associated Press pool camera feed of Saturday’s ceremony, at New Hope Baptist Church, and that the feed would also be streamed. Meanwhile, despite the producers’ best efforts, Tuesday’s Valentine-turned-Houston tribute episode of “Glee” failed to attract the millions of Houston mourners who’d flocked to CBS’s trophy show-turned-Houston tribute broadcast of the Grammy Awards. The episode was completed before Houston’s Saturday death,, but just happened to include Amber Riley (Mercedes) singing Houston anthem ”I Will Always Love You” and, after Houston died Saturday afternoon, the producers announced they would dedicate the episode to her and they added a dedication card at the end telling the deceased singer they would always love her.

Even so, it wound up clocking nearly a million fewer viewers than had the previous week’s “Glee.”

Apparently Valentine’s Day is not a day lovers want to focus on deceased pop singers, nor is it a great night for TV networks in general, as Fox noted when it mentioned TV usage from 8-10 p.m. was down more than 7 percent compared to the previous Tuesday.

That’s because lovers have much better things to do on Valentine’s Day than watch even a lovey-dovey episode of “Glee” in which Mercedes bravely decides to go it alone rather than choose between current boyfriend Shane and ex boyfriend Sam.

Better things to do, like – watching procedural crime dramas on CBS! “NCIS: Los Angeles,” starring this year’s Grammy Awards host LL Cool J, and “Unforgettable” both posted week to week gains in the golden 18-49 year old viewers the networks court – not just on Valentine’s Day but every single day of the year!

Anyway, in case you missed it, here’s Amber Riley singing Houston’s anthemon Tuesday’s “Glee”: