Sam and Quinn perform another Fleetwood Mac song on “Glee.” (Beth Dubber/FOX)

WaPo TeamTV’s Emily Yahr blogs:

Ever notice on “Glee” how sometimes the grown-ups act like ridiculous kids, and the students act like real adults? Welcome to “Glee,” Fleetwood Mac-style. Glee club director Will Schuester decides that it’s the perfect theme for his students, because just like Fleetwood Mac, the glee kids are dealing with all kinds of gossip and drama and affairs and love triangles -- all the stuff of a healthy high school experience.

In the land of the adults...

Sue Sylvester makes up mean rumors because she hates her frenemy

Evil cheerleading coach Sylvester’s continues her grown-up bullying routine – which is growing unfunnier by the second. Sue still hates Will Schuester with the passion of a thousand suns, and is still teaming up with Will’s ex-wife, Teri, to bring him down.

Sue has revived the school newspaper, The Muckraker, so she can plant inflammatory blind items to ruin Will, and some high school students, you know, just for fun. As she puts the newspaper’s mission statement: “If I heard it, it’s probably true, or something.”

Among the not-so-blind items that appear: a prom queen candidate still in the closet, two blond students having affairs, and an item about Will leaving McKinley to go on Broadway. Wait, how did that one start? Well…

Will ex’s wife Teri manipulates a slightly clueless outsider to get back at her ex

April (guest star Kristin Chenoweth) is back from Broadway – her all-white version of “The Wiz” didn’t go over so well – and wants Will to join her on the road to Broadway, in a musical about her life, “CrossRhodes” (or something like that).

Teri talks her into talking Will into taking the job, knowing that Will longs for a stage bigger than McKinley High school’s auditorium. April tries to get Will to leave Ohio, Will cries as he tries to make a decision, but ultimately says he can’t leave the New Directions before Nationals. Shocker!

The whole thing is quite silly, but on the plus side, we get to hear Kristin Chenoweth’s glorious voice as she duets with Will on Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”


The high school students deal with real relationship issues

Thanks to Sue’s blind items in the paper, all the student’s relationships are thrown for a loop. Finn can’t trust Quinn because she cheated on him. Rachel points out how hypocritical that is, though mostly because she’s still in love with Finn too. This leads to several real, mature discussions about trust in relationships. Yes, “Glee” gets real and mature -- hey, there’s a first time for everything.

While the three grapple with that love triangle, Santana is still trying to come to terms with her sexuality, and even sings “Songbird” to Brittany to share her feelings. Brittany tries to respond by offering to publicly ask Santana to prom on the Internet. But Santana loses her nerve at the last minute, and spreads a false rumor that she and Dave Karofsky (the closeted football player) are still very much a couple -- and had sex in the backseat of a parked car in a cemetery.

One student, Sam, feels the effects of the recession

Rumors start spreading like wildfire when the students see Kurt, Quinn, and Sam all exit the same motel room. Because these kids have watched a lot of TV, and exiting a motel room only means a salacious affair. But it turns out Sam’s father lost his job, and the whole family – Sam and his two younger siblings – have to share a motel room while his parents seek employment. Kurt and Quinn were simply helping out by delivering clothing, and babysitting.

After Sam gives a touching speech about the effects of the recession, including how he got a job delivering pizzas to help his family, the glee kids join in to help. And by that, we mean give him some clothes, and then give a rousing performance of “Don’t Stop.”

Okay, that’s a pretty childlike response to a problem. But hey, they’re kids – that’s how it really should be.

Set list:

“Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac)

“Never Going Back Again” (Fleetwood Mac)

“Songbird” (Fleetwood Mac)

“I Don’t Want to Know” (Fleetwood Mac)

“Go Your Own Way” (Fleetwood Mac)

“Don’t Stop” (Fleetwood Mac)