The glee club visits New York City in the season finale. (Craig Blankenhorn/FOX)

In case you were worried that the “Glee” season finale Tuesday night would end on a major cliffhanger -- leaving you wondering over the summer about pressing issues such as whether Rachel and Finn would get together, or if glee club director Will Schuester would leave the high school to try to make it on Broadway, or if the glee club could take home a win at the Nationals competition in New York -- don’t worry! Oh, and spoiler alert: Everything was resolved and tied up in a neat little bow. In case you missed it, here’s how:

Potential Cliffhanger No. 1: Will soulmates Rachel and Finn finally get back together?

Rachel has been hell-bent on winning Finn back, even though last week he did just break up with popular girl Quinn (at a funeral, no less), so his “catch” status has dropped. But now that he’s realized Rachel is his true soulmate, he does everything he could to convince her that he’s the one.

While in New York City for the Nationals competition, he stares creepily — er, lovingly — at her across the room as the glee club works on writing songs for the competition; he takes her on a romantic date where Broadway sensation Patti LuPone made an appearance; he even has the other glee club guys serenade them with “Bella Notte” from “Lady and the Tramp.” But when he goes to kiss her ... she refuses. At first.

You see, Rachel had a breakthrough while breaking into a Broadway stage with Kurt to duet to the Kristin Chenoweth/Idina Menzel (hey, two “Glee” guest stars!) tune “For Good” from the musical “Wicked.” She realized that while she was trying to choose between her love and her career, in reality, music was her true love. And she plans on moving to New York after graduation, something that “country boy” Finn would truly never understand.

However, all this tension leads to quite the awkward moment during the New Directions performance on the Nationals competition stage. As Finn and Rachel sing their hearts out on a slow tune written by the glee club called “Pretending,” they both got caught up in the moment ... and end the number with a passionate kiss on stage. The audience is awkward. So is the rest of the glee club. Will Schuester stands up to lead a slow clap, but it doesn’t really work.

Back at McKinley, Rachel and Finn have a serious talk about The Kiss and what it meant. After a lot of solemn looks, they decide that while Rachel may be leaving for New York after graduation in a year, that’s still a year away. And they walk away holding hands. Awww! So in love. And apparently saving the inevitable off-to-college break up for next year’s finale.

Potential Cliffhanger No. 2: Is Will Schuester going to ditch the glee club and head to the bright lights of Broadway?

Even though glee club director Will Schuester has the tantalizing offer head of him to star in April Rhodes’s (guest star Chenoweth) new play “CrossRhodes,” he can’t decide whether it should be just for summer break — or forever.

Some soul searching leads him to a stage where he belts out “Still Got Tonight,” a song that happens to be a song from actor Matthew Morrison’s new album in real life. It’s pretty convenient, and also makes Will really think about whether he would rather be on stage, or dealing with the annoying glee club drama.

Over drinks with rival Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby (guest star Cheyenne Jackson, who always entertains in these brief appearances), Will ponders this, and Goolsby advises him to not let the glee kids find out about his possible move, or they’ll lose confidence before Nationals.

Will claims he loves his glee club kids; Goolsby is in the disbelief. How could Will like the New Directions when they’re so unattractive? “My kids are at least attractive ... yours look like they haven’t been baked properly,” Goolsby says in what’s possible the line of the episode, if not the season.

But sneaky Goolsby goes and tells the New Directions all about Will’s potential departure, and they confront him in the group’s hotel room. Furious, Will makes up his mind then and there — he’s staying at McKinley High, because he and the glee club “have some unfinished business to take care of.” Who’s shocked?

Potential Cliffhanger No. 3: Can the New Directions could take home a win at the Nationals competition?

Oh right, this series is about a show choir! Silly us. Anyway, the glee club is pretty busy gawking at the sights in New York city and singing songs about New York during the week, but they manage to find time to write two original songs. Still, they have tough competition. They’re competing against 50 choirs, and the top 10 make it to the next round.

One competitor is Sunshine Corazon (played by singer Charice), who got off to a rocky start with New Directions when ultra-competitive Rachel tricked her into going to a crackhouse in the season premiere instead of glee club auditions. When Rachel walks in on Sunshine, terrified before going on stage, Rachel ends up comforting her, and Sunshine gains the confidence she needs to sing original song “As Long As You’re There.”

New Directions take the stage and sing two original songs, one uber-upbeat “Light Up the World,” and then the slow ballad, “Pretending,” that ends in the Rachel-Finn kiss. Last week’s glee club adviser Jesse St. James, who stops by to declare his love for Rachel, also tells Finn that the kiss made everyone in the audience really uncomfortable and probably ruined the chance to make it to the next round. Just as Finn and Jesse are about to get in a fight, the results are posted ...

... and, sadly, New Directions doesn’t wind up being one of the Top 10 teams. Is it because of the weirdness of the Finn-Rachel kiss at the end? Quite possible. Anyway, Vocal Adrenaline, Sunshine’s team, makes it. Ouch.

In other news, when the group arrives back at McKinley High in Ohio, other stories wrap up. Blaine and Kurt exchange “I love yous.” After being depressed about not having a boyfriend, Mercedes is now secretly dating Sam, even though he’s still homeless. And even Brittany and Santana, who’s still in the closet but in love with Brittany, seem to reach a mutual understanding about being BFFs. Quinn still seems pretty bitter at life, but she’s way more fun than when she’s being mean.

Meanwhile, the glee club will never give up trying to make win Nationals. They receive the 12th place trophy, not the first place that they’d hoped. Oh well...there’s always next year.

Set list:

“I Love New York/New York, New York” — Madonna/“On the Town”

“My Cup” — Original Song

“Still Got Tonight” — Matthew Morrison

“Bella Notte” — “Lady and the Tramp”

“For Good” — “Wicked”

“Yeah!” — Usher

“As Long As You’re There” — Original Song

“Pretending” — Original Song

“Light Up the World” — Original Song