Glenn Beck (© Harrison McClary / Reuters/REUTERS)

The satellite TV provider said it’s adding theBlaze, which launched a year ago as GBTV, to boost its lineup of news and commentary channels heading toward the presidential election.

Beck’s channel was scheduled to launch on Dish at 5 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

“After being phenomenally successful with his online streaming network, we’re pleased to host Glenn Beck’s return to . . . TV, especially during this exciting and important political season,” Joseph Clayton, Dish chief executive and president, said Wednesday in a statement.

Beck, you’ll recall, started as a regular on CNN’s HLN in 2006, then migrated to Fox News Channel in ’08. He left FNC in June of 2011 after losing audience and advertisers owing to his increasingly incendiary style. On his final FNC show, he told viewers: “This show has become a movement. It’s not a TV show, and that’s why it doesn’t belong on television anymore.”

TheBlaze claims more than 300,000 subscribers; Englewood, Colo.-based Dish has about 14 million subscribers.