Amy Poehler, Tina Fey. (NBC/GAVIN BOND/NBC)

No actual information was learned during a Wednesday afternoon conference call with this year’s Golden Globe Awards hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler — just the fact that no matter the question, they will launch into a contest of who can make the other one laugh the hardest with the best one-liners.

Ask them if they requested any of their famous friends to help them on stage during the awards show Sunday night?

“We have the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders,” Fey said.

“We’re going to ask the cast of ‘Cheers’ up there,” Poehler countered.

Was the initial Globes plan for them to host together?

“Originally, it was going to be the car from ‘Transformers,’” Fey explained.

“It was going to be one of us and the car from ‘Transformers,’” Poehler added, as they both cracked up.

Much of the call continued the same way. Though they did confirm that, indeed, the show is as much as a boozefest as it seems to those watching from home, given that none of the women have eaten in days, and all that's on the tables is alcohol and candy.

And when one reporter on the call asked if they were going to follow the steps of three-time host Ricky Gervais and use lots of “pushing the envelope” or insult comedy, Fey brushed it off.

“One thing about the show is it’s such a fun, sloppy night, it’s not really about the host giving one big comedy performance,” Fey said. “We sort of feel like our job is to keep things moving...and also try to get movie stars more liquored up.”

“I don’t think of it as a place to change the face of comedy — rather, hosting a party.”