“Good Morning America” (Ida Mae Astute/ABC)

“GMA” logged 5.5 million viewers that day, which Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos announced at the top of the hour that they would feature:

* A new terror warning pegged to the first anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death

* The parents of missing 6-year-old Isabel speak out for the first time

* Controversy that occurred when a Catholic schoolteacher was dismissed after she asked for time off to get pregnant

* How a puppy got loose on a runway and snarled the tarmac at one of the country’s busiest airports

“Today’s biggest haul came on Monday when it logged 5.4 million viewers.

“GMA” won the week overall with a margin of 166,000 viewers. Two weeks earlier, when “GMA” ended “Today” show’s more than 16-year weekly ratings winning streak, just 31,000 viewers separated the two.

Among the 25-54 year old viewers who are the currency of news programming, “GMA” retained 99 percent of its year-ago performance — noteworthy because one year ago was the week or the royal wedding of Will & Kate-morning infotainment show catnip. “Today” show retained 77 percent of its year-ago performance.