Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Cain has blamed “dishonest journalists” for keeping this story alive. Kimmel suggested Allred might have had something to do with that on Monday, and asked, “Have you considered hiring Gloria Allred as your attorney?”

“You almost made me say something my analysts say, ‘you should not say’,” Cain began with a smile. “Let me put it to you this way: I can’t think of ANYTHING that I would hire her to do! I can’t think of a thing!” he continued coyly.

“You told a reporter ..., ‘When people get on The Cain Train they don’t get off,’” Kimmel noted.

“ A) Do you regret that choice of words? And, B) What does that mean exactly?” Kimmel asked, warming up his act for the next White House Correspondents Dinner, at which he’s been booked to be the President’s warm-up act.

Watch Cain and Kimmel here: