Showtime has its Borgias and its Tudors, Starz has its Thracian slaves of the ancient Roman Republic, HBO its seven kingdoms of Westeros, AMC its zombies in Atlanta — and now History has its Vikings!

The network announced Tuesday that it had made a full first-season commitment for its first scripted drama series ever — about Norse warriors — to debut in ’13.

History says that it’s ordered “Vikings” because though “they were the fiercest adventurers of all time,” their story has “never been told.”

In its announcement, History noted that the Viking name has been synonymous with brutality, terror and mystery ever since the first war bands appeared along the coasts of England and France at the end of the 8th century.

This particular series will follow one Ragnar Lothbrok, who, History notes, was “the greatest hero of his age.” It seems that Ragnar rose to become King of the Viking tribes. Legend has it, Ragnar was a descendant of Odin, the god of war and warriors, History noted — though he may just have had a particularly good publicist.

Unlike past movies and dramas that caricatured Vikings as barbarians, History said – wait, I thought their story had never been told! — this series will look “from within the heart of Viking society.”

Loosely translated, this means, the series will be high on adventure, exploration, conflict, warfare and bloodshed (because “ these were extreme times,” History said) but, at the show’s heart, it will “also be a family saga.” So, the battles will be “imaginatively choreographed” and emphasize “individual points of view, strategies and ruses rather than mindless, graphic slaughter,” History said.

Take that, “Spartacus” network Starz!