Damian Lewis in Homeland (Showtime)

“I’m called to consult on matter of homeland security and I drop everything and go,” Lewis joked, noting he was invited because “I’m a Brit” and the show is a fave of President Obama’s.

Lewis said he did ask Cameron and Obama “when you’re watching TV, aren’t you supposed to be running the free world?” And, he said, Obama told him that on Saturday afternoons, when his daughters and First Lady Michelle Obama play tennis, he pretends he’s going to work and switches on “Homeland.”

One critic noted there are people in the U.S. who believe President Obama is Muslim and that the “scenario in your show is possible.”

“I’m not saying I believe that,” the critic continued, “but I wonder if it affects the storytelling. Are you aware of this climate in America and does it affect the storytelling?”

“Absolutely,” said exec producer Alex Gansa. “We do everything we can to make this thing feel believable.”