“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest, meanwhile, is “tired” and obsessed with being Dick Clark, said Stern, who scoffed at the notion he was working with “equals” on “Talent” (as compared to his SiriusXM radio show, on which he has sidekicks).

“I am a superstar. I make 500 times more money than you do, I command a huge audience, there’s been a movie made about my life,” he said he’d told “Talent” judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne during the auditions period of the upcoming “Talent” season.

“I’m the judge you care about,” Stern predicted of the new season. “My honesty is infectious.”

Stern prided himself on his honest comments to contestants, compared to other shows, where the critiques tend to be glowing towards everyone. “You watch ‘American Idol,’ you could throw up,” he said. “J-Lo — I don’t understand what she’s doing there...If I sit in a beautiful dress and just tell them they’re wonderful, they’re not going to get anywhere.”

He also scoffed at Parents TV Council, which recently sent a letter to “Talent” advertisers putting them on notice if they continued to support the show once Stern debuts on Monday. PTC has not seen the show with Stern on board, he said, “Some guy sitting in his basement calling himself the Parent Television Council — I don’t think there’s more than 25 people in this thing, I think it’s a money-raising racket. They’re entitled to their opinion, they just sound awfully foolish when they haven’t seen the show.”

Stern insisted he knew the difference between his satellite radio voice and his prime-time family viewing voice. “I respect what ‘America’s Got Talent’ is. It is a family show,” he said, adding, “I know the rules.”

But, if viewers reject him in his new kinder, gentler iteration, he said, he can always “crawl back in my hole on Sirius satellite radio and lick my wounds.”