Yule Log (iN DEMAND )

Available to digital cable subscribers with Xfinity, RCN, Time warner Cable, Cox, Cablevision and more, the historical site will also be avialable in HD and 3D.

For those unfamiliar, the original “Yule Log” first kicked off in 1966 on WPIX in New York, as a looped, 17-second black and white film, filmed in the mayor of New York’s fireplace. It was eventually shot in color a few years later, though in 2003, Washington’s WB station (now the CW) shot a local version — the station manager at the time tried to film the White House fireplace, but it didn’t work out.

This Yule Log On Demand is the hi-def version filmed in 2002. Plus, the announcement noted, if that’s not enough seasonal cheer, program distributor iN DEMAND will offer a “Winter Green” scene, with a snowy pine forest, as well as a snowman decked out in a top hat, scarf and neckerchief, standing in a winter storm.