James Caan says he accepted the role of Chicago mobster Sy Berman in for the sophomore season of Starz’s “Magic City” after deciding it was the better career choice than the corner square he’d lined up on “Hollywood Squares.”

Besides, he told TV critics at Winter TV Press Tour 2013, “I was also promised I would have three or four love scenes” on the Starz series.

“Of course they lied.”

For its second season, the show is broadening out to Chicago and early-Castr-era Cuba. Show creator/exec producer Mitch Glazer said he wrote the role of the mobster in charge of Miami kingpin Ben “The Butcher” Diamond for Caan, and then “begged him to come do it.”

But Caan bristled when a TV critic suggested the role meant his career had come full circle from his “The Godfather” days.

“I’m not Anthony Quinn just yet,” he said like he meant it to sting.

“I care very much about what I do, I try to maintain a little bit of integrity,” Caan said.

James Caan and Danny Huston take part in a panel discussion of Starz's "Magic City.” (GUS RUELAS/REUTERS)