Vanessa Minnillo (Charles Sykes/AP)

If you have not seen “Wipeout” it’s that show in which competitors attempt to conquer an insanely difficult obstacle course, in the course of which most of them wind up looking like rag dolls tossed in the dry cycle -- “providing laughs for the entire family” the network notes.

“Wipeout is currently hosted by John Anderson of ESPN’s “SportsCenter” and John Jenson of E!’s “Talk Soup” and co-hosted by Wagner.

“We will miss Jill,” “Wipeout creator Matt Kunitz said in ABC’s announcement. That’s the last he or ABC had to say about Wagner.

“But are thrilled to welcome Vanessa to the team,” Kunitz, soldiering on. Minnillo is known for having hosted MTV’s “MTV Prom Date,” “Spring Break Celebrity Fantasies”; for having hosted “Top of the Pops” and the live finale of “The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott”; and for having, for two seasons, been the New York correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight.”

Or, you might have caught her in the flicks “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” or “Disaster Movie.”

And, if you missed all that, maybe you saw her, in January of 2009, hosting and judging the ABC reality show “True Beauty” and for having returned as the host again during the summer of ’10. No? She also guest-starred on episodes of “Hawaii Five O” and “30 Rock.”

Anyway, here’s a quick clip of Minnillo’s duties as “True Beauty” host:

And here’s a clip from “Wipeout”: