Herman Cain on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (Carin Baer/ABC)

(UPDATE: CBS late-night host David Letterman wants in on Kimmel’s action, announcing Wednesday that GOP hopeful Cain will be his guest Friday, Nov. 18.)

“In case you haven’t been following this story — a woman named Sharon Bialek held a press conference yesterday — during which she made very specific allegations against Herman Cain,” Kimmel said very late Tuesday night – and 24 hours after GOP hopeful Cain came on his show to exchange sexual double entendres, guffaw, and harrumph with Kimmel about the various woman who have made sexual harassment charges against Cain.

Tuesday morning, Allred and Bialek did the morning-show circuit – “Today,” “Good Morning America,” “The Early Show,” cable news nets, blah, blah, blah – and during one appearance, Allred nicked Cain for having gone on Kimmel’s show because, she said, the issue of sexual harassment is no joke.

This is the late-night TV version of show-host catnip. Which, of course, is what Allred was counting on. You know that Circle of Life you learned about in “The Lion King”? It’s like that – only TV.

“You know what – you’re right Gloria!” Kimmel responded, via his opening bit Tuesday night. “Making jokes about something like this would be extremely inappropriate!”

You know what’s coming: he cut to clip of Allred’s spot-on delivery of her “stimulus package” gag with which she had opened her Monday news conference, revealing The Fourth Woman, Bialek.

“I guess the ‘no joke’ must be a new rule she implemented this morning. So we’re even,” Kimmel said, like he meant it to sting.

“The important thing is that Gloria Allred gets to be on TV,” Kimmel snipped. “She has to. Or she’ll melt.”

In case you’re pop-culture challenged, that’s a Wicked Witch of the West reference from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Here’s Kimmel in action: