Jon Cryer on “Late Show With David Letterman.” (JOHN PAUL FILO/CBS)

It went like this:

Dave, taking a page from Sheen’s playbook, suggests CBS and Warner Bros. suits looked the other way on the guy’s behavior – “accidental gun shot…problem with the current wife…the porn stars, the hookers, the cocaine” -- and that they only sacked Sheen when he started to “make fun of” “Men” creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre.

“Yes,” acknowledges Cryer. Dave sits back happily, thinking he’s reeled him in.

“Exactly,” Cryer continues. “Nobody in show business can possibly get away with making fun of their boss.”

Cryer looks archly at Dave.

“It just doesn’t happen. As you know – Dave.”

Cryer wins that round.

“He called you a troll,” Dave says some time later, tossing out more bait-on-a-line.

“Yes. As friends do,” Cryer responds nimbly.

Here’s the whole interview: