Comedy Central late-night star Jon Stewart expressed shock over President Obama having slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon this week, only it came across a little like a hot guy being discussed by his jealous ex.

“What the [bleeped]!” “The Daily Show” star ranted near the top of Wednesday night’s “The Daily Show,” after viewers watched a clip of Obama slow jamming the news on Fallon’s NBC late-night show.

“The president’s slow jamming the news on late night?!?” Stewart continued, as his studio audience roared its approval of Obama having slow jammed the news — maybe not the reaction Stewart was going for.

(Scroll to 3:12):

Then, Stewart deftly made it all about him – something they apparently teach you in “How to Be a TV Star 101” because everyone does it. In is defense, Stewart does it very funny:

“Oh, wait a minute! Normally, Brian Williams slow jams the news [with Fallon.] Romney’s running to replace Obama, Obama’s running to replace Brian Williams, and Brian Williams wants my job! This has to END! Somebody has to be an adult here!” Stewart ranted.

“Mr. President: you’re the president — you don’t have to do this [expletive] any more!” Then, to viewers, Stewart added, “although we’d obviously love to have him on the show.”

It’s been a very long time since Obama visited Stewart’s show — October of 2010, when Stewart was in town getting ready for his Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on the Mall.

And, in much the same way Fallon’s show marked the first time a sitting president has ever slow jammed the news, Obama’s appearance on Stewart’s show marked the first time a sitting president was called “dude” during an interview. It also marked the first time a presidential interview immediately followed a promo for a show in which two cherubic children see a “vomiting” bald-headed tiny man’s “head” pop out from the zipper of another man’s pants, causing the children to shout happily, “Mr. Creepy!”

Which maybe makes Stewart not the best person to register dismay and deliver the “Mr. don’t have to do this $%*!” line, in re Obama’s slow jamming news.

Around 3 million people watched Obama’s appearance on Stewart’s show that October day in 2010, which was the show’s third-biggest audience ever — behind only the previous time Stewart interviewed Obama when he was the presidential candidate, and behind the time Stewart interviewed the future First Lady Michele Obama; both interviews were in 2008.

But Obama has moved on, and this week made his first ever visit to Fallon.