WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (AP Photo/Scanpix/Bertil Ericson, File)

Assange recorded the guest spot over the summer for the milestone Feb. 19 episode.

“He’s a controversial figure, and there’s a good reason he’s controversial,” “The Simpsons” exec producer Al Jean — a master of obvious-statement — told Entertainment Weekly.

Assange is under house arrest in connection with a European arrest warrant issued in 2010. The warrant is in response to a Swedish police request to question him relating to sexual assault investigation.

He’s slated to appear before Britain’s Supreme Court this week to appeal extradition to Sweden. Assange is also in hot water over the WikLeaks publication of classified documents about U.S. involvement in the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Jean stuck his neck out far enough to acknowledge that “there was discussion internally whether or not to have him on the show.” But, hey, it’s Fox, whose Sunday lineup is all about attracting young guys, and we aready know how this “discussion” turned out.

“Ultimately we went ahead and did it,” Jean said.

Then, Jean added: “There’s nothing we did that has anything to do with the legal situation that he’s in.”

Meanwhile, Assange is said to be unveiling a talk show on Russia’s English language channel RT in March.