In an attempt for a much-needed ratings boost, NBC has essentially declared this Justin Timberlake Week — not only did the singer host “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, but he will make history by appearing on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” every single day this week.

So far, it’s paid off for NBC, which announced that Timberlake’s “SNL” scored the best overnight ratings for the show in more than a year.

Of course, this serves Timberlake just as well, given that he’s in the midst of his latest musical comeback, with a new album release just days away. He kicked things off with an opening sketch on “SNL” that declared him a member of the Five Timers Club, putting him in a league with former famous “SNL” hosts including Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Chevy Chase and more — all of whom stopped by:

Here’s more clips of Timberlake’s appearance: