Kim Kardashian (Lisa Maree Williams/GETTY IMAGES)

Well, you can file those pundits in the same heap into which you tossed those navel gazers who predicted David Letterman’s on-air confession about sex with an intern would cripple his CBS late night show’s ratings.

In fact, Letterman’s ratings improved after the confession – particularly among young guys because, duh, they’re young guys.

And, according to number-crunching company Nielsen, Kardashian fans are like young guys: Sunday’s second-season debut of E!’s “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” attracted slightly more viewers than had the series launch last January -- 3.2 million viewers.

To be fair, it’s not like this was some huge ratings bonanza either – the two-part Kim & Kris “wedding” special back in October, had clocked 4.2 million viewers. But the 3.2 million who tuned in was on par with last September’s sixth-season finale of the Kardashian programming mothership: “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

More importantly, the season debut did well enough in the ratings to cause America’s Favorite Celebrity-Helper, Dr. Drew to decide he wanted in on the action:

“Kim Kardashian punched her soon-to-be-ex-husband on last night’s premiere of reality show ‘Kourtney & Kim take New York’!” Dr. Drew gushed on his HLN show Monday.

“What you are seeing there is domestic violence. It is a MASSIVE deal… it’s an incontrovertible piece of evidence of someone engaged in a domestic violence relationship!” Dr. Drew ranted.

“It always starts like that: ‘It’s no big deal’ or ‘I’m just punching him because he broke my toenail.’ But the fact is, what we know about domestic violence, it’s a MASSIVE problem in our culture, it’s illegal, and it goes to a bad place, and it progresses. People minimize this stuff until it gets to the emergency room then they’re wondering what happened.”

“You need to be aware you’re in trouble and you need help,” Dr. Drew said to Kim and Kris, in case they were watching, as he looked into the camera and told his viewers he’d “reached out” to them but had not heard back.

Because, um, they’re, you know, separated and she’s filed for divorce.

“Kris and Kim, if you’d like to address it, we’d be happy to listen,” Dr. Drew added, hopefully.