Kathy Bates’ Emmy curse has ended.

Kathy Bates (Katy Winn/AP)

The Emmy Awards ceremony isn’t happening until Sunday, but already this becomes the year the Kathy Bates’ Emmy curse ended.

Charlie Harper’s too.

Bates, who’d been on track to become the Susan Lucci of the Primetime Emmy Awards, having been nominated 11 times without winning the TV industry’s highest honor, won her first Emmy Saturday, for playing Charlie Harper on CBS’s “Two and a Half Men.”

Ironically, it’s a role for which its original actor, Charlie Sheen was four times Emmy nominated, but never able to turn any of those noms into an Emmy win.

Bates was awarded her first Emmy statuette during the co-called “Creative Arts” Emmys ceremony — the first part of the two-day orgy of trophy dispensing, during which statuettes for best hair, makeup, lighting, casting, music, editing, etc. are handed out — and a couple of acting, directing, and show derbies are thrown in too, to make the night more viewer friendly for the two-hour clip job that’s telecast annually — this year by ReelzChannel — the night before the Emmy glamcast, which will air on ABC this year.

Sheen, of course, could not return to play Harper, who’d been flattened by a train in Paris at the start of last season, when the writers decided to bring the character back from the beyond. Sheen had been sacked from the show at the end of the previous season, following a very public verbal fracas with the show creator and studio.

Besides, it was funnier to have Bates play Harper and visit his hallucinating brother, Alan, in the hospital, telling him, “I’m in hell…in this old broad’s body…eternal damnation.”

Kathy Bates as Charlie Harper (Darren Michaels/CBS ENTERTAINMENT)

Bates’ win over the weekend means she’ll be a presenter at ABC’s Emmy glamcast Sunday, where she also stands to win another Emmy. She’s in the drama lead actress running for her starring role in the now defunct NBC series “Harry’s Law.” The actress, who last week revealed she was recovering from a double mastectomy, recently tweeted, “I don’t miss my breasts as much as I miss Harry’s Law.”

Heading into Saturday’s ceremony, Bates had received 11 Emmy nominations over the years — 10 acting noms and one for directing.