After two days of ratings set-back, ABC’s Katie Couric co-anchored “Good Morning America,” featuring a segment with the latest “Dancing with the Stars” evictee, trumped NBC’s “Today” show, with Ryan Seacrest, Wednesday morning.

Wednesday is “GMA’s” most watched day this season to date; it’s averaging an audience of 4.913 million on that morning. This past Wednesday, however, with Katie guest-anchoring, and an interview with ”Dancing” celebrity evictee Jack Wagner, “GMA” nabbed 5.236 million.

Meanwhile, “Today” logged 5.149 million viewers on Wednesday morning, when its big “get” was Ryan Seacrest announcing he’d joined the NBC family and had been given his first assignment: help the net’s primetime coverage of the Summer Olympics in London.

News the Katie-co-anchored “GMA” had finally eked out its first daily viewer win against “Today” came the same day “GMA” announced that last week, sans Couric, it came its closest to tying “Today” in seven years.

Just 119,000 viewers separated the two shows last week, actually scoring more viewers than “Today” on Tuesday and Friday. One year ago, the margin separating the two shows was 469,000 viewers for the comparable week.

It’s a similar story among the 25-54 year old viewers who are the currency of most news programming: “Today” enjoyed 266,000 more viewers in that age bracket than “GMA” last week, but that’s down a lot from the 492,000 viewer margin it cleared a year ago.