On his new network Current TV, Keith Olbermann talked about his experience with Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Sports after reporting that Murdoch was looking to sell the LA Dodgers.

Olbermann claims that in 2000, his doctor told him he needed to cut down on his work schedule or face imminent “heart disease.”

When he told his employers, “they immediately took me off the air,” which he said was “a prudent business decision.” But then, Olbermann claims, they ordered him to get a letter from his doctor guaranteeing he was well enough to go back to work. Then, he said, they “blackmailed me with it.”

And by that, he meant he was offered a job in which he would anchor four days from Los Angeles, then fly to different cities for interviews, events and promotions twice a week. “In short, they were threatening to work me into illness, or into the hospital or both.”

They also offered him an alternative in which they could cut his work schedule to three days a week and his salary by 60 percent.

“They were blackmailing me about my health,” Olbermann complained.

UPDATE: Wednesday afternoon, Fox Sports responded: “It’s unfortunate that Keith chooses to dwell on the past, but he should remember that folks at FOX have different recollections of his tenure with us, but life is too short.”