Kelly Ripa (Charles Sykes/AP)

A new Permanent Person Upstaged by Kelly Ripa has been chosen for syndicated talk show “Live with Kelly,” Disney said Monday. Disney added that the new co-host won’t officially be revealed until Sept. 4 — a.k.a. about one week after the name hits the tabloids.

[UPDATE: Sure enough, reports say that former NFL player/Fox football commentator Michael Strahan is expected to be named co-host. Disney is not commenting.]

Still, feel free to spend the next week speculating as to which of the 59 guest hosts who have joined Ripa on the set since Rege threw in the towel last November is getting the gig.

We already know it will not be Seth Meyers, who was the betting fave last month, based on his having signed up for a five-day stint after having already subjected himself to the ordeal in April and May. Meyers shot down the possibility of a long-term gig a few days later, reminding a reporter at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that — hello — he is a big deal on “Saturday Night Live” heading into an election season.