HBO wants us to inform you that, for one week only, it’s running Sunday’s scheduled episode of “Girls” (and also of “Enlightened”) on Saturday as well, in case you’re smart enough to watch the Super Bowl but not smart enough to program your DVR.

Lena Dunham in a Season 2 episode of “Girls” (Jessica Miglio /HBO)

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, “Girls” creator/star Lena Dunham is now officially a trophy-show running gag.

Picking up her Screen Actors Guild Award for best female actor in a comedy series, “30 Rock” creator/star Tina Fey on Sunday noted she’s known fellow nominee Amy Poehler since Poehler was pregnant with Dunham.

Dunham, picking up a Golden Globe Award a couple weeks back, had thanked fellow nominees, including Fey, for getting her through her childhood years, to which Fey, who was co-hosting that show with Poehler, responded, stingingly, how happy she was to have gotten Dunham though middle school.

Sadly, only 5.2 million people saw Fey even the score Sunday — that’s what the SAG Awards clocked across TNT and TBS, according to Nielsen stats. That’s compared to the nearly 20 million who caught the Globecast on NBC.

The Turner networks on Monday announced they had struck a deal to be the SAG Awards’ home for three more years.