How does one combat “Tonight Show” host rumors in the Jimmy Fallon era? By having Fallon and Jay Leno team up for a duet and try to become a YouTube sensation, of course.

“Hey kid, how you holding up?” Leno is seen asking Fallon over the phone, just after the camera has shown Leno sadly exiting the stage after a show, and Fallon forlornly looking out his office window, surrounded by newspaper clippings of “Tonight Show” war articles.

“Ok, I guess. You?” Fallon replies.

“Yeah, I’ll live. I’ve been through this before,” Leno scoffs. “Gotta admit, I’m getting a little sick of all of this.

Fallon looks troubled. “Jay, can I ask you something? We’re still friends, right?”

“Yeah, of course we’re still friends,” Leno assures him.

“That's good,” Fallon sighs.

Cue “West Side Story”-style duet to the tune of (what else), “Tonight”: