Lady Gaga. Picture this as the movie poster. (ANDREW KELLY/REUTERS)

Lady Gaga has been the center of multiple controversies, once hatched from an egg during an award show, and wore a dress made of meat. So, it was only a matter of time — the pop star is on track to becoming a subject on Lifetime.

Deadline reported that Lifetime is developing a biopic called “Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story,” based on a 2010 book about the singer.

Lady Gaga, in the news these days for losing steam with disappointing album sales as much as her outrageous outfits, is reportedly not involved in the project.

Known for its famous women-in-peril movies, Lifetime also relies on the “ripped from the headlines” model — the channel just added an update to its “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy” original movie after Knox’s release from prison.


GALLERY: Click the image to see photos of Lady Gaga’s fashion statements.