Taking advantage of breaking news about a brand spanking new Lindsay Lohan kerfuffle, Lifetime announced Monday its new Lohan flick, “Liz & Dick” will premiere Sunday, Nov. 25.

 Lohan stars as Elizabeth Taylor in the flick about Taylor’s tumultuous affair and two marriages to Richard Burton, played by Grant Bowler who, Lifetime noted, is a graduate of the esteemed Australian drama school, NIDI but, really, who cares.

Lindsay Lohan (Kristina Bumphrey/AP)

In case you’ve just awakened from a long sleep: La Lohan on Sunday claimed one Christian LaBella, staff assistant at the Washington office of Rep. John Shimkus, grabbed her in her room at the swank W Hotel in New York City. The alleged grabbing of Lohan occurred after she, in turn, grabbed his cell phone when she saw photos of her on it.

LaBella, who’d joined Lohan’s entourage earlier at a Manhattan nightclub, was arrested Sunday on a misdemeanor assault charge, but freed hours later, and his arrest voided, when the charge could not be substantiated, the AP reported. After which, he and Lohan naturally filed harassment complaints against each other.

 It was Lohan’s second encounter in two weeks with NYC law enforcement. She’d also been accused of clipping a pedestrian with her car outside a nightclub and driving away, for which she was given a ticket and scheduled to appear in court this month.

 Lohan’s busy schedule also includes a car accident in California over the summer, during “Liz & Dick” shooting, that sent her and an assistant to a hospital, though no one was seriously injured.

 Lohan remains on informal probation for taking a necklace from a jewelry store without permission last year, AP reminds us, meaning, that while she doesn’t have to check in with a judge or probation officer, she could face jail time if arrested again.