Katie Couric on the premiere episode of "Katie.” (Ida Mae Astute/DISNEY-ABC)

Katie Couric’s new syndicated talk show, “Katie,” debuts on Monday afternoon, with guests including Jessica Simpson and Sheryl Crow.

We live-blogged the premiere here:

4:55 — Katie says she could get used to this. She brings Sheryl Crow and Jessica Simpson back on stage and they stand/dance as the theme song is played. Katie is seen fussing over her mother in the audience and kissing her daughters, and the first episode of “Katie” is a wrap.

4:51 — Katie introduces pals from her years in middle school, just because.

4:45 — Sheryl dodges Katie’s questions about former fiance Lance Armstrong,  the seven-time Tour de France winner who last month said he would not fight allegations he used banned substances during his cycling career — after which the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency handed him a lifetime cycling ban and said he would be stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

 About her early years as a backup singer for Michael Jackson, she says He was “in his divinity, in that space…or moment of great inspiration. The other part of him was really the most pure picture of a fragile human being. He was like a kid who just didn’t grow emotionally past 8 or 10, when he became famous.”

 Sheryl Crow has two young sons and Katie wants to know how motherhood has changed her.

 “It’s made me really tired,” Sheryl says.“I don’t have the drive I used to have. I feel like I’m seeing the world again in a more innocent way…These two little boys are experiencing life for the first time everywhere they turn.”

4:34 — Katie’s second guest is Sheryl Crow, who has written the show’s theme song.

 “It’s available on Katiecouric.com,” Katie says.

 “You turned 50 today. Can I just say you are so smokin’ hot,” Katie tells Crow – it’s a girl crush thing, Katie tells viewers.

 Talk turns to Crow’s benign brain tumor. She says it’s in  her “cell phone area,” and she discovered it after having an MRI when she started having trouble with words. “I depend on words — they’re important for my work,” she says. Katie feels Sheryl’s head. “It’s the size of my pinky [finger],” Sheryl says. They talk about dating. “How do you date Sheryl Crow?” Katie wonders. She thinks they should star in a 50-year-olds version of “Sex and the City.”

Note to Katie: They already have done that — it’s called the two “Sex and the City” flicks.  

4:29 — Katie introduces a taped message from Dolly Parton. Dolly can’t wait to meet Jessica’s baby.

 Katie says her favorite Dolly Parton line is “It take a lot of money to look this cheap,” marking the 248th time we’ve heard that gag. .

 “Dolly has the best lines!” Jessica agrees. “She is one of my biggest inspirations.”

 Katie has a gift for Jessica. Jessica has a gift for Katie! What are the odds?

 Katie unwraps the cute black bedazzled shoes from Jessica. Then Katie goes ahead and unwraps her gift for Jessica — apparently Katie’s not too experienced with this whole gift-giving thing. It’s a onesie with show name “Katie” on it.

 Katie plugs that viewers can get two weeks of Weight Watchers for free by going to her Web site.

4:22 — “You have to track every bite,” complains Jessica, who’s dressed in a slimming little black dress. “You have to be completely honest with yourself,” she says of the whole Weight Watchers tracking-every-bite thing.

 She no longer eats something called Slutty Brownies.

4:17 — “How do you deal with the tabloids?” Katie asks.

 “I definitely don’t pick up the magazines. I definitely don’t Google my name. I try to avoid it,” Jessica says.

 “The great thing about Weight Watchers — it’s not intimidating; it’s not a diet,” Jessica says.

 “Tell me about your relationship with food,” Katie says.

“The only fish I ate while growing up was fish sticks. I like chicken fingers, fried, Mexican, barbeque,” Jessica says.

Jessica Simpson on “Katie.” (Ida Mae Astute/DISNEY-ABC)

4:12 — “How’s motherhood,” Katie wonders.

 “Motherhood’s a dream,” Jessica says. Her daughter, Maxwell, is seen in a bikini in a photo.  

 She and the baby’s father are engaged but have not set a date yet.

 Katie segues to Weight Watchers talk — Jessica has signed on as a spokesperson.

 On Twitter, someone wants to know how Jessica finds the time to focus on both the baby and losing weight.

 “I take her with me…my new goal is 14,000 steps a day… it’s about seven miles… I take her along with me so I don’t have to miss her.”

 She tells Katie that while she was pregnant, she thought when her water broke she would lose all that weight.

They show her new Weight Watchers “I’m not a super model — I’m just Jessica” ad. It includes no full body shot, Katie notes. That’s because she did not want to ad to be about how much weight she’d lost, Jessica explains. Katie pretends to understand that logic.

4:05 — “It’s a new beginning for me. Many of you remember I lost my husband, Jay, to colon cancer almost 15 years ago.” Her daughters, now 16 and 21 are in the audience. Her mom is the in audience too. “We lost my dad just a little over a year ago…Oh and yes,  I turned 55 this year.”

 “Woo hoo!” responds the audience.

 “And I’m still single but hope springs eternal,” she says.

Time for Jessica Simpson and her journey to lose weight. 

4:00 — Katie in bed having nightmare. She wakes up and says to someone in the other twin bed, “Wow I just had the weirdest dream. I left ‘Today’ to anchor evening news and did it for five years and then I dreamed I was going to be hosting my own daytime talk show!”

 The other person comes out from under the covers. It’s Matt Lauer: “That wasn’t a dream, and the talk show starts right now!”