THE VIEW - Lady Gaga performs. (Lou Rocco/ABC)

11:57: As the show wraps up, Lady Gaga has now distributed parts of her outfit to “The View” hosts — Joy is wearing the sunglasses, Barbara got the hat, and Elisabeth is holding the purse. LG sings them off with a few lines from “The Edge of Glory” on the piano, which is now surrounded by smoke.

11:50: LG reaches the more intense part of the song, and whips off her hat and sunglasses to rock out. Plus, she name- checks Barbara Walters in the lyrics, so points for that.

11:48: Not only does Lady Gaga’s black and white-checkered dress match her hat and sunglasses and notecards, but also her entire piano and microphone. She sings “You and I,” her newest song, managing to weave in a reference to “The View” into the first lyrics.

11:43: Barbara Walters promises that when we come back, Lady Gaga will indeed perform.

11:40: Whoopi asks if Steel will ever write her autobiography. Steel responds that she doesn’t really want to — she didn’t have a particulalry happy childhood, so it might be too depressing to read. The hosts try to make things less depressing by changing the topic to the amount of sex (or lack thereof) in Steel’s books.

11:39: Barbara Walters asks about older women with younger men, and Steel says she doesn’t think age is a factor anymore in relationships.

11:38: Danielle Steel fun facts, for those interested: She works on five books at once. She doesn’t read anything while she’s working. She was with a very handsome man backstage, but she won’t reveal who it was, much to the co-hosts’ dismay.

11:36: ...And by “next,” we mean “after the Danielle Steel segment. Steel says the last time she was on the show, she was on with Octomom, and now it’s Lady Gaga. Either way, she’s very impressed.

11:32: Commercial break — Lady Gaga performance up next.

Lady Gaga co-hosting “The View.” (Lou Rocco/ABC)

11:29: Elisabeth asks Delany if she would ever go back on “Desperate Housewives.” Delany says if Marc Cherry & co could work something out for her character to return, she would. Okay. Bring back Lady Gaga!

11:27: Delany talks about thinking her days as a leading lady on TV were over, especially after her stint on “Desperate Housewives.” Ouch! But then she got the lead on ABC’s show, ”Body of Proof.” “My part was written for a 35-year-old,” she says. “Aren’t you 35?” Joy Behar asks sweetly.

11:26: Over the loud chatter when Dana Delany arrives on stage (LG is getting ready for a performance), Delany says she tweeted a picture of her and LG backstage.

11:18: Hot Topic #2: Tim Gunn making a comment about Hillary Clinton being “confused about her gender” with her fashion choices. Somehow Barbara Walters manages to make this all about Barbara Walters, and shows a clip from an interview she did with Clinton, and starts analyzing her outfit. “I think Hillary Clinton has more important things to worry about than her hemline,” LG pipes up, to applause.

11:17: Question to Lady Gaga: Do you diet? She says yes, she eats healthy, but she also loves to eat, so it’s difficult.

11:15: First hot topic — a billboard in Indiana that implies hot dogs are just as hazardous (if not more so) to a person’s health than cigarettes. “I think hot dogs are jealous that cigarettes are more controversial,” LG weighs in. Barbara Walters starts to read scientific evidence, but the other hosts interupt to defend hot dogs. It gets rather heated, and a picture of Lady Gaga in her famous meat dress shows on the screen behind the hosts.

11:14: Whoopi points out an audience member with a Gaga-inspired outfit, a dress completely made of teabags. The woman tells LG, “You’re my hero!” LG tells her she looks fabulous.

11:10: After switching back and forth fromdevastating to happy topics at lightning speed, the first segment is over — next up, Hot Topics.

11:07: Whoopi switches up to a Sad Topic — the death of Clarence Clemons. LG says working with him was a life-changing experience.

11:07: Elisabeth Hasselbeck wants to change the subject to something happier, and brings up the legalization of gay marriage in New York City. LG was in Toyko, and says she got the news via Twitter.

11:06: Barbara Walters tries to get the interview about to Serious Stuff, and brings the conversation back to Amy Winehouse’s addiction, and LG’s own struggles. “I did hard drugs,” LG says. Walters asks her how she stopped. LG says her dad held her accountable, and it’s because of him that she stopped and changed her life.

11:05: The co-hosts grill LG about what it’s like to be young and so massively famous. LG says she just likes to hang out with her friends, and has no desire to have particularly crazy adventures. She likes to cook, write music, totally normal things.

11:03: Asked about Amy Winehouse, LG says it’s “so devastating,” and says everyone, especially the media, was so hard on her, and that Winehouse was ”the loveliest woman.”

11:03: Whoopi says the debt crisis conversation can wait until tomorrow— why talk about that when they have Lady Gaga?

11:02: Her notecards match her outfit as well; Lady Gaga says she stayed up all night making them, and tells a story about how she stole a picture of Whoopi Goldberg from a hotel, but got caught by security.

11:01: Lady Gaga arrives to the sounds of her song “The Edge of Glory.” Decked out in black and white patterned dress and matching hat and sunglasses and purse, she’s dressed rather demurely. Though Barbara Walters has to help her up on stage, because the glasses appear to be blinding.

11:00: Along with Lady Gaga, we’ll have Dana Delany and Danielle Steel.