Lee Cowan, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett on "CBS This Morning.” (CBS)

Preaching to the choir, producer Mark Burnett will be seen on Sunday telling “CBS Sunday Morning” show that TV critics don’t matter.

In an interview with Lee Cowan, will discuss the role of TV critics in the launch of his hit History channel miniseries “The Bible.”

Critics have never been big on Burnett TV projects: “Survivor,” “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice,” “The Contender,” “Shark Tank,” and “Stars Earn Stripes,” to name a few.

Most recently, some TV critics have said “The Bible,” which attracted an average of about 13 million viewers in its premiere, is more action flick than a spiritual journey, like they meant it to sting.

TV critics also tend to give CBS shows a miss, not thinking highly of the networks heavy lineup of closed-ended procedural crime dramas and raunchy Chuck Lorre comedies (except “The Big Bang Theory” which they embrace).

So, Burnett on CBS, discussing TV critics: a match made in heaven.

“If the TV critics were so good, they’ve be making TV themselves, wouldn’t they?” CBS announced Burnett will be seen saying its Sunday show; apparently Burnett will add that he does not pay attention to TV critics.

This from the guy who, back in August put out a lavish spread for a boatload of media who cover TV at his swank digs in Malibu to promote the first fall launch of “The Voice.”

Anyway, Burnett said during the pre-taped interview that making “The Bible” was a “spiritual,” not a commercial calling, and has been, for him, “such a growth, and maybe that’s the biggest blessing of all.”

It’s also been a great way to resurrect wife Roma Downey’s career, though CBS did not report him mentioning that.

Since starring in CBS’s “Touched by An Angel,” Downey has appeared in a few episodes of the Lifetime cop drama “The Division,” done a few Hallmark movies, and some other projects, but nothing big.

In “The Bible,” however, Downey plays Mary. She said, in the interview, that the idea for the miniseries was “God’s idea placed in my heart.”