Michelle Obama sat down with Jay Leno on Monday to discuss a range of topics, but really, doesn’t everyone just want to know about the Kiss Cam?

For those who missed it last month, there was a brief uproar over the fact that the First Lady seemed to rebuff a kiss from President Obama during a Team USA basketball game, when their faces showed up on the Kiss Cam on the Jumbotron at the Verizon Center.

The White House denied this was the case, and on “The Tonight Show” taping, the First Lady told Leno her side of the story.

“Now, you and the President were at a basketball game,” said Leno, by way of kicking things off, showing footage of the clip, narrating what looked like a kiss rejection. “Now, there you are. Now, you’re noting yourself here — now, you turned him down.”

“I did not!” Obama insisted. “Okay. So here’s the story...the girls and I went somewhere else, we met him at the game. And I had just walked in and sat down, and I just saw my face on the Jumbotron...So I just — I didn’t see the Kiss Cam part, so I didn’t know we were supposed to kiss.”

Obama explained that her daughter, Malia, was the one who explained to them that they were supposed to kiss, and that’s why the crowd was booing.

“She was just disgusted with us. She said, ‘Why didn’t you kiss?’ Obama explained. “And I was like, ’Kiss what? What are you talking about?’ She’s like, ‘You were on the Kiss Cam. You were supposed to kiss!’”

“We were like — we were not paying attention,” Obama added.

Still, they got a second try on the Kiss Cam, and Leno showed the video of the First Lady and her husband getting the smooch right the next time around.

View Photo Gallery: President Obama and the first lady were shown on the arena “Kiss Cam” while watching the U.S. Olympic basketball team in Washington on Monday. The president, Michelle Obama and Vice President Biden watched the U.S. team play Brazil.

Later, Leno asked the First Lady on her thoughts about presidential candidate Mitt Romney choosing Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) as his running mate, though Obama wasn’t giving anything away.

“You know, I didn’t... I haven’t spent much time thinking about that and don’t know Ryan that well,” she said. “But we welcome them to the campaign because as I said, this is a privilege. I hope that he and his family embrace the opportunity, which I know they will, to get out there and meet people in this country. And we welcome them to the campaign.”