Mitt Romney listens to his wife, Ann, speak at a campaign fundraiser. (© Jim Young / Reuters/REUTERS)

Romney was scheduled to appear on “The View” on Oct. 18 with his wife, Ann, but his camp called over the weekend to cancel, Barbara Walters reported on Monday’s episode. Romney’s reps cited scheduling issues, Walters said — however, Ann will still stop by the program on Thursday.

The visit became much-anticipated last month, when Romney was caught on a widely-circulated tape at a private fundraiser in Florida, saying, among other things, that appearing on “The View” was a “high-risk” proposition because of the four “sharp-tongued” non-conservative co-hosts.

Afterward, Romney’s camp released a statement saying that the Romneys would love to stop by the ABC daytime talk show in October. One day later, the Obamas agreed to appear on the show in September, beating the Romneys to the punch and making “The View” one of the unexpected battlegrounds of the election season.

President Obama and Michelle Obama dropped by the show September 25, which co-host Whoopi Goldberg used to segue into the Romney news on Monday.

“You know, we recently had the Obamas on ‘The View’ and we’ve been extending the same invitation to the Romneys,” Whoopi said at the top of Monday’s show. “Barbara, can you give everybody an update on what’s going down?”

“Yes, I can. Because I think there are some people who favor the Obamas, because they have have been on the program separately and together,” said Walters, launching into the story. “And Governor Romney was supposed to be on with us this Thursday with Ann Romney. We were looking forward to it. Over the weekend, his people said that he had scheduling problems and would not be coming on with us, nor at this point did he feel that he could reschedule.”

“We are happy to have Mrs. Romney on with us,” Walters added. “We are sorry that we won’t have Governor Romney.”

“Well, there’s still time before the election for him to come,” pointed out Joy Behar.

“He could change his mind and we hope he does,” Walters responded. “It would be our pleasure to have him on the program.”