The body of “Jersey Shore” hasn’t even been laid to rest and MTV had already scheduled its replacement. MTV on Thursday announced that, three weeks after it plows “Jersey Shore” under, it will premiere a new, suspiciously similar docu-soap about BFF’s who “dream big, love hard and hustle even harder.”

Only this time they’ll do so in the “vibrant and diverse New York neighborhood of Washington Heights” at the north end of Manhattan.

While the “Jersey Shore” gang was all about gym, tan, and laundy, the nine best friends — they’re not all all blood-related, but still consider each other family, blah, blah, blah — of “Washington Heights” are all about fashion, music, baseball — and poetry?

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— JP, a.k.a. Audubon, dreams of making it big in hip hop – while living at home with his mom.

— Reyna is the fiery diva and budding singer.

— Frankie is little in stature, but has a “big personality” and “boy crazy tendencies”; she acts touch and is always ready with the snappy one liners, MTV said. And she hopes to become an English professor. I swear -- it’s in the MTV news release!

Anyway, she’s got the hots for Ludwin. But Ludwin dreams of a career as an artist. It’s like a Bronte tragedy.

— Jimmy wants a professional career in baseball, but his father is finishing a seven-year stint in prison. Meanwhile his BFF’s don’t like his girlfriend Eliza, because she’s an outsider – from New Jersey.

— Rico also lives at home with his mom and can’t decide if he wants to be a model or an actor. Meanwhile, Fred, older brother of Rico, is hustling to make it in the fashion industry.

— And finally, Taylor looks like a preppy cheerleader but is “Heights to the core.”

“The show celebrates their friendship, neighborhood pride and mutual support as they make their mark – even when the challenges are great, MTV exec vp Chris Linn said in Thursday’s announcement. “We are optimistic that the stories of this incredibly appealing cast will connect with our audience in a deep and meaningful way.”

Translation: “Ratings! Ratings! Ratings!”

“Washington Heights” debuts Jan 9.