Rupert Murdoch, right, and his son James Murdoch arrive at his residence in central London. (Sang Tan/AP)

UPDATE #4: Reports earlier today stated that News. Corp was mulling replacing CEO Rupert Murdoch. During his testimony, Murdoch siad he will not resign.

From Paul Farhi’s live blog:

“Mensch says to Rupert, ‘You're in charge of the ship. And you've said you don’t regard yourself as a hands-on CEO. Given what has happened on your watch, have you considered resigning?’

Rupert says, ‘No.’ She asks, ’Why not?’

‘People I trusted let me down, behaved dreadfully...and its for them to pay. It's for me to clean this up.’”

The Murdochs were dismissed soon after; Farhi continues to cover the proceedings as former News of the World and Sun editor Rebekah Brooks arrives.

UPDATE #3: The hearing suddenly took a break this afternoon when a man appeared to accost Murdoch — it appeared he threw some white substance over Murdoch, who runs the company that, among other properties, controls Fox Broadcasting and Fox News Channel.

The press is reporting the guy threw shaving foam at Murdoch. The hearing has resumed at about 12:09 p.m., although Murdoch is no longer wearing his suit jacket.

Read more at Paul Farhi’s live blog.

UPDATE #2: Excerpt from Paul Farhi’s live blog:

“Philip Davies, MP, asks Rupert about his involvement with his newspapers and how often did he speak to the editor of the News of the World? Rupert said it was very seldom. “I spoke with the editor of the Sunday Times every Saturday, not to influence him...I’m not really in touch with that. If there’s anything I am in touch with, it’s the Wall Street Journal. I work a 10-12 hour day and I can’t tell you the multitude of issues I am dealing with.”

Davies continues to push:

Davies: Did you speak to the editor of the Sun twice a day?

Rupert: No.

Davies: I am intrigued by how these conversations going go...I would have expected the editor to say, “We paid Gordon Brown 600,000 pounds.”

Rupert: No...That’s not how it went...He might have told me we added two more pages for football [coverage] that week.”

Update #1: On the eve of News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch’s performance before the British Parliament on Tuesday to talk about his British newspaper company’s hacking scandal, Bloomberg reports News Corp. is mulling whether to promote chief operating officer Chase Carey to CEO, replacing Murdoch, Bloomberg reports, citing unnamed sources with “knowledge of the situation.” But, an unnamed board member denies it to Reuters. News Corp., of course, it also the parent company of Fox broadcast network -- home of “American Idol,” “House,” “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” -- and Fox News Channel.

Murdoch will appear in front of a British Parliamentary Committee on Tuesday morning to answer questions about the current News of the World phone-hacking scandal. Joining him will be James Murdoch, chairman of News Corp. International, and Rebekah Brooks, former News of the World and Sun editor.

Cable channels carrying the hearing live include CNN (simulcasting CNN international), C-SPAN3, Bloomberg TV and News Corp.-owned Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. Keith Olbermann also tweeted that Current TV will cover the proceedings live.

MSNBC will air portions of the hearing live.

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