House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi made her debut on NBC’s “30 Rock” Thursday night.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, show creator Tina Fey’s plea to viewers at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards to tape “The Big Bang Theory” and watch the series finale of her “30 Rock” fell on deaf ears.

About 17.5 million people watched “Big Bang” Thursday night, compared to 4.9 million who watched the swan song of “30 Rock” in the 8 p.m. half hour.

Among those “BB” viewers, 2.5 million were members of the 18-to-34 year old age bracket, who are the most coveted audience of NBC’s TV ad sales; the “30 Rock” swan song logged 1 million in that demographic.

Breaking that down, among 18-34 year old guys, who are the Holy Grail of TV ad sales, “BB” clocked 1.12 million, while “30 Rock” nabbed 487,000 in that half hour.

Nearly half of “30 Rock’s” audience in that half hour was aged 50 and older. More than half of “BB’s audience fell into that age bracket.

In the episode — also the show’s finale — Kabletown CEO Jack Donaghy’s new salary gets leaked to the press, and Occupy Wall Street is having a fit over it. Democrats are too.

Kabletown-owned MSNBC interviews Pelosi about the news, in Washington. “Just look at this jackass,” a delighted Kabletown Big Cheese says to Jack (Alec Baldwin) as he turns on Jack’s TV in Kabletown HQ at 30 Rock:

“Jack Donaghy is an economic war criminal,” Pelosi says, looking sternly into the camera. “If the Democratic Party controlled Congress I would see to it that he was punished in the worst way possible, by having to come down here. And listen to us.”

Watch here: