About three months after Oprah Winfrey’s highly hyped interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong was telecast on Discovery co-venture OWN network, competitor NatGeo channel will try to cash in on the scandal as well with the premiere of “Cycling High: Doping to Win.”

“Cycling High,” produced by NBC/Universal operation Peacock Productions, will premiere April 21, featuring infographics, re-creations, archival footage and new interviews — but not with Armstrong.

NatGeo said in Monday’s announcement it hopes the special “gives an explosive 360 [degree] view of what has become the most famous and damning doping scheme in sports history.”

“See how the USADA details the way Armstrong went to great lengths to protect his secret and his legacy, using all of the powers at his command to silence and to attack his critics, all the while assuring the public that his blood was as clean as his public image,” NatGeo barked Monday.

In January, Oprah briefly stepped back into the pop-culture spotlight she’d been missing since her syndicated talk show wrapped in 2011, when she sat down with Armstrong as he came clean-ish about the slew of banned drugs he used during his cycling career.