Ryan Seacrest (Matt Sayles/AP)

The “American Idol” host, syndicated radio star, heir to Dick Clark throne, all-things-Kardashian producer, and new ESPN-of-pop-culture-network launch partner, will be an “Olympic correspondent.”

That is, if Seacrest does not expire this week from hosting “American Idol,” so as not to interrupt his perfect 11-season record, while reportedly suffering from some nasty sickness and looking like a chewed-on sparrow the cat has brought in and proudly laid at your feet. For two hours Wednesday night, Seacrest bravely hung on to the backs of the judges’ chairs, sat at pianos, perched on stools and otherwise masked his horrible condition, while hugging and hand-shaking with all the judges and Idolettes, like Typhoid Mary at a cotillion.

Bob Costas hangs on to the plum gig, hosting the primetime portion of NBC’s Games coverage. The Summer Games begin Friday, July 27.

NBC Sports called Costas a “22-time Emmy Award-winning broadcaster” with the “longest tenure of the network’s sports commentators”(This is Costas’s 10th Olympic broadcast assignment and his ninth as primetime host).

Al Michaels will host NBC’s live weekday and weekend daytime coverage, joined by Dan Patrick.

NBC Sports called Michaels “one of the most renowned commentators of all-time,” whose legendary “Do you believe in miracles? Yes!” call at the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games 32 years ago “stands as one of the most famous calls in sports history.”

NBC Sports called Patrick the host of “Football Night in America” and “Dan Patrick Show” who served as an Olympic correspondent for NBC in Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010.

NBC Sports announced three Olympic correspondents in addition to Seacrest.

John McEnroe, making his Olympic broadcasting debut in London, NBC Sports described as a “legendary tennis star and broadcaster.”

Bela Karolyi was called “arguably the most successful coach in gymnastics history” and “one of his sports’ most-recognized characters.”

Mary Carillo (who also will host NBC’s late-night Olympics coverage for the third time), said NBC Sports, has “her own inimitable style, similar to her acclaimed work during the Beijing and Vancouver Games.”

NBC Sports called Seacrest a “top TV broadcaster.” Period.