Crystal, pondering the future, on “Animal Practice.” (NBC/JORDIN ALTHAUS)

The peacock network is putting Crystal the Monkey out to pasture.

NBC announced Thursday it’s pulling Crystal’s starring vehicle, “Animal Practice” from its Wednesday timeslot.

”Great news,” you say?

Well, NBC’s replacing it with “Whitney.” Ha!

The “Whitney” move becomes official on Nov. 14.

One week ago, NBC announced it had canceled the plan to return “Whitney,” as well as “Community” to the lineup, on Friday nights, starting Oct. 19, as had been previously announced.

Instead of thanking NBC, fans of the shows — okay, mostly “Community” fans — complained that NBC was messing with them for sport.

Serious students of TV, however, knew this was good news for both shows, though probably bad news for “Animal Practice,” which has struggled with the impossible task of opening Wednesday nights for the network at 8.

Asking a new show to kick off a primetime night is generally considered risky, if not foolhardy, particularly if it’s, as many TV critics suggested, not a terribly good show —  unless that show has some major pre-sold commodity.

Like it stars Ryan Gosling.

Or, it’s about a popular DC Comics superhero who has been around for decades and is played by an actor hired for his ability to give women the vapors.

You know, like CW’s “Arrow” which, when it opened at 8 last week clocked the network’s biggest crowd in three years and, this past Wednesday, beat “Animal Practice” for a second consecutive week. No Big Three broadcast network enjoys getting beat by also-ran CW. Crystal paid the price.  

Anyway, Whitney Cummings’ benched comedy, which had less than stellar ratings success last season, will move into Wednesday nights to battle for viewers with ABC’s hot comedies, CBS’s “Survivor,” the aforementioned “Arrow,” and Fox’s “X Factor.”

Annie Potts as Virginia Coleman, Justin Kirk as Dr. George Coleman on “Animal Practice.” (NBC/JORDIN ALTHAUS/NBC)