David Gregory from "Meet the Press" (Virginia Sherwood/AP)

NBC News has re-upped David Gregory as anchor of its Sunday Beltway show “Meet the Press.”

Gregory’s been the show’s host for the past four years. He replaced Tim Russert, who had the gig for 16 years; he died on the job in June of 2008.

This TV season to date, “Meet with Press” is averaging about 3.2 million viewers — second to the CBS Sunday Beltway show “Face the Nation” (3.3 million). The first half is, anyway. CBS News breaks the show into two separate programs for ratings purposes because, as it has explained in the past, the second, newer half-hour does not have the station clearances of the first half-hour. (“Face 1” is cleared in 99 percent of the country, while “Face 2” is available in 84 percent.)

Since Russert’s final full season, “MtP” the program has lost 20 percent of its audience; “FtN,” on the other hand — which is still anchored by Bob Schieffer — has gained 23 percent.

ABC’s “This Week,” now anchored once again by George Stephanopoulos, trails the other two programs, with an average audience of 2.7 million this season. On the bright side, that’s up considerably compared to The Christian Amanpour Years.

Before taking over the anchor chair on “MtP,” Gregory was NBC News’s chief White House correspondent; he joined NBC in ’95.