”The Voice,” also known as NBC’s highest-rated show. (NBC/JUSTIN LUBIN/NBC)

“The Winner Is” is executive produced by John de Mol, who also happens to be the creator and producer of “The Voice,” that other NBC singing competition that just wrapped up and debuts its third season this fall.

The new singing contest does have a twist, however. Not only can singers of all ages audition — “soloists and groups that include adults, kids, teens, seniors, families and professionals” — but there’s a strategic element. After each singing duel, both performances are judged by an in-studio panel with a celebrity judge. And before the contestants learn who won the duel and will advance to the next round, they have a choice: They can leave the show and, as a result, win a certain amount of money. But if they decide to take their chances to see who won, they could lose the duel and walk away with nothing.

This continues up until the finale, when the final two can either walk away with $100,000, or wait and see who won (from judges and viewer votes) and go for the big $1 million prize. So, your average singing competition, but with even more potential for emotional breakdowns.

Regardless of the many other shows out there, it’s not shocking that NBC would want to double up on singing competitions, even after already expanding “The Voice” to two nights a week. “The Voice” is by far NBC’s highest-rated series, finishing as No. 9 most-watched show this season with an average of 15.8 million viewers.