(Charlie Sheen on “Today.” (NBC))

Discovery’s TLC cable network has bought a fast-tracked “documentary” about sacked “Two and Half Men” star Charlie Sheen.

“Charlie Sheen: On the Brink” will debut March 20 on the Silver Spring-based network that’s home to “Sister Wives,” “LA Ink,” “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant,” “My Strange Addiction,” and “Hoarding: Buried Alive,” among other programs.

The one-hour special will use footage from NBC News’s recent interview with Sheen, mostly seen on “Today” show.

And that’s possible because “Charlie Sheen: On the Brink” is being produced for TLC by Peacock Productions -- which is, according to its own account, the “award-winning, nonfiction production company that combines the editorial expertise, technical resources and seasoned production talent of NBC News to offer a wide-range of programming.”

Yes, Peacock Productions — that’s “peacock” as in “NBC logo until Kabletown took over” — is part of the Kabletown family.

But this “documentary” will rush in where NBC News — even on “Today” show — feared to tread: The Land of Whole Hog.

“CS: OtB” will look at “what has been considered the very public unraveling of actor Charlie Sheen.”

It will, TLC has promised, “]blend] news footage with all-new original interviews” to explore “Sheen’s erratic and unpredictable behavior from the perspective of the media who have covered him, and addiction and behavioral specialists.”

TLC also promises the special will explore “if Sheen’s recent actions are a carefully crafted media stunt or the result of years of drug addiction finally taking its toll.”

“CS: OtB” updates the NBC News interview, conducted by Jeff Rossen, with behind-the-scenes footage and brand-new expert commentary, including -- you know it’s coming -- MacKenzie Phillips! Yes, she will chat about life as a celebrity who has dealt with drugs and recovery.

And, to give us the full Sheen experience, the show also takes us “inside Sheen’s home and examines the relationships with the women in his life, and his children.”

Then, to put the story in a larger context, “CS: OtB” “highlight other celebrity meltdowns that have captured public attention and offer insight into what drives this bizarre behavior.” Which we like to think of as Peacock Prods.’s way of putting on notice any celebrity who’s ever had a “meltdown” and also given any interview to any NBC-owned program.

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