Much has been made of NBC’s Thursday comedies of late:

- “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin can’t stop explaining what he meant when he tweeted that he was leaving NBC just in time.

- “The Office’s” ratings are down so much even “The Office” fans have acknowledged they’re down and NBC may dump the whole cast and start over – taking a page from the Tyra Banks playbook,

- “Community” fans keep insisting ratings don’t matter and they are owed the respect of seeing the merry band of misfits graduate, except maybe Chevy Chase.

So, just how bad is the situation with NBC’s Thursday comedies?

Among all viewers, this past Thursday night NBC’s “Must See” comedies all fell behind NBC’s Betty White series, “Off Their Rockers,” which airs Wednesday night at 8:

Total Viewers:

-“Off Their Rockers” – 5.98 million

-“The Office” – 4.31m million

-“Parks & Recreation” – 3.53 million

-“30 Rock” – 3.16 million

-“Community” – 2.91 million

Among 25-54 year old viewers, Betty White beat most of the Thursday comedies:

Adults 25-54:

-“The Office” – 2.2/05 (rating/share)

-“Off Their Rockers” – 2.0/06

-“Parks & Recreation” – 1.8/04

-“30 Rock” – 1.5/04

-“Community” – 1.3/04

Among 18-49 year olds, Betty White beat 50 percent of the Thursday comedies:

Adults 18-49:

-“The Office” – 2.2/06 (rating/share)

-“Parks & Recreation” – 1.8/05

-“Off Their Rockers” – 1.6/05

-“30 Rock” – 1.5/05

-“Community” – 1.3/05