"Arrested Development" (HO/REUTERS)

The vid service will start streaming its entire “AD” order on the same day, its chief Ted Sarandox told The Reporters Who Cover Television attending the annual National Association of Broadcasters confab in Las Vegas.

Netflix did same with its first original series, “Lilyhammer,” so this is not exactly huge news.

Maybe more surprising — unless you’ve been following Mitch Hurwitz for years — it appears the “AD” creator may have been gaming the press — again — only this time about those 10 new episodes.

Remember back when Hurwitz announced at a New Yorker festival in October that he’d decided he needed to create10 new episodes of the series because they would serve to each move a Bluth family member’s storyline to where he wanted them to be for his “Arrested Devleopment flick — the flick that still appears not to have a distributor?

Remember also how, back in October Hurwitz boasted about gaming the press about the whole “AD” movie, planting a bogus story that the movie was being held up because actor Michael Cera he wanted too much money?

Well, on Wednesday, Hurwitz that this to say about the structure and purpose of the 10 episodes: “Never mind” —or words to that effect. The new episodes, he told NAB attendees, are pretty much like the old episodes — the ones that aired on Fox from 2003 until 2006, when Fox programming suits canceled it reluctantly, due to lousy ratings.

Hurwitz on Wednesday made no mention of a movie, but said he would not mind continuing to do the show on Netflix, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Here we go again!