Davy Jones (Dan Chung)

After Davy Jones died this week at age 66, some networks have already announced TV specials that will air as a tribute to the famed singer this weekend:

Friday, March 2

8 p.m.: BIO channel airs “Biography: The Monkees,” which looks at the various members of the Monkees band, from the days on a scripted TV series to their years as a touring act.

9 p.m.: Following a look at the band, BIO narrows the focus with “BIO Remembers: Davy Jones,” and profiles the former teen heartthrob of the ‘60s.

Saturday, March 4

Noon: Antenna TV — Tribune digital channel that’s available in the Washington area on CW’s 50.2 — shows “Head,” a movie starring the band known in some circles as a “psychadelic comedy.” After the movie, there’s an all-day marathon of every single episode of “The Monkees” TV series.

Sunday, March 5

11:30 a.m.: Me-TV (unfortunately only available in these cities), has Davy Jones’s episode of “The Brady Bunch”

Noon: Me-TV follows that up with back to back episodes of “Love, American Style” featuring Jones.